'SkyControl' Counter UAV / Counter Drone Systems

SkyControl tracks, detects and classifies drones and other small objects that traditional radar systems are unable to. 

SkyControl utilises radio frequency spectrum sensing devices. These usually include software and hardware. SkyControl search for drones and their remote-controllers, classify and identify them and track their location and direction.

The pillars in our SkyControl products categories are:

  • Direction, location finding  and AI finger printing of all Drones 
  • Detection of swarm Drone attacks
  • Remote and Mobile access via smartphone, tablet and PCs

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Originally, TSCM services were aimed at sweeping meeting and conference rooms for listening devices.  

Our TSCM services have now significantly evolved to  securing communications technology, thoroughly inspecting and fortifying information technology, and ensuring that there is a heightened protocol of physical security to prevent future espionage. 

Our TSCM technologies are vital in the process of securing an individual or place from the threat of surveillance. They can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Physical Security
  • Communications Security
  • Information Technology Security

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Cellular Detection, Interception and Jamming

KeyOptions utilises a unique crossover IMSI/IMEI capture system. 

Our systems can be used for short range & long range tactical operations and has full 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G native mobile phone detection and locationing with native silent call function.

Our powerful software defined radios and our long range systems can capture phone information from several miles away, and are accessible via our dedicated web portal, providing MSISDN-Location, IMSI-Location, MSISDN-IMSI, IMSI-MSISDN functions. 

Finally to round off the capabilities is the silent call function, which is available on 2G/3G/4G/5G native. 

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Military Grade Communication Systems

Our Military Grade ​Digital Radio Communication Systems are high speed portable Wi-Fi fully encrypted units that can reach speeds up to 100Mbps.

The use of Digital Radios with the ability to change frequencies to the best signal. We mesh radios to allow hopping from radio to radio allow better communications than traditional analog radios.

We operate and deploy in hostile and challenging environments and terrains. Using a portable long endurance UAV or a long-range high altitude UAS with our system can extend the distance to more than 100 km range at a high data rate.

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Cyber Operations Solutions

​We provide the most advanced data analytics and intelligence platform for the world’s most trusted government and commercial organizations. 

We provide digital risk assessment services for the proactive protection of your brand/company; with cyber threat intelligence, scanning the dark web for compromised information, continuously monitoring your threat exposure, and even taking down fraudulent/malicious sites to protect our clients. Our integrated approach consists of different layers where we begin isolating the OT environment from IT for resilience using unidirectional gateways for ultimate protection.

KeyOptions provide the most secure and safe solutions for your organisation.

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