A powerful combination of location technology solutions utilizing GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth and UWB to ensure the most accurate location monitoring and reporting for assets, products and people. SATiS is deployed in Shipping and Freight, Commerce and Healthcare.


Our Security Solutions include Mobile Device Detection, Cyber Threat Mitigation, TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) and UAV Deployment. Cyber & Electronic security is complex and solutions are tailored for a clients specific needs and in complete confidence.


Virolens is the World's Fastest COVID19 Screening Device. For more information on Virolens, please go to our Virolens page.
Please note that Virolens may not be available, in all countries due to local regulatory authority approvals.


HealthKeyID (HKID) is the Virolens results management system. It helps people to share and use the results of tests performed by Virolens devices and provides a digital wallet for Virolens test results. HKID is available on all mobile platforms as a Mobile Application.

If you are looking for our Australian web site please go to

Not all products and services are currently available in Australia.

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