'In-Motion' - Solutions & Services

Our in-motion solutions and services are designed to improve the wellbeing of communities to make them more secure and provide data driven decisions


Its all about the data.  Data-in-Motion is our solution set providing data integration so that clients can make data driven decisions. Our realtime analytics for IOT brings a new way of integration that provides simplified integration with the Machine Learning and dashboard results you need.


Assets-in-Motion is a new generation solution set for the monitoring and tracking of assets and decision making from data with Machine Learning and AI.


Security-in-Motion covers all aspects of security, including Cyber, Physical and Electronic. Cyber and Electronic security is complex and solutions are tailored for a clients specific needs, including TSCM services.


With a combination of devices and data Industry-in-Motion is a new way of integrating Assets, People and IOT sensors to provide organisations with amazing Data driven decisions.


People-in-Motion, is designed specifically for large precincts where we utilise the technology to determine, where people go, how long they stay, and which paths they took. 


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Solutions to get us all back to work post pandemic crisis