NEWS FLASH : Keyoptions announcement

KeyOptions can finally reveal some very exciting news today. KeyOptions is the Master Agent of the new Virolens 20 second Covid-19 screening device, in APAC, LATAM, Africa, the Middle East and Eurasia. 

Virolens has just been registered by the MHRA in the UK and has been lodged with the TGA in Australia and many other health authorities around the world.

We are also excited to announce our HealthKeyID  and Virolens integration for a Covid-19 privacy compliant digital passport system. HealthKeyID will launch in the coming weeks

The Video below gives an overview of how the system works. 

'In-Motion' - Solutions & Services

Our in-motion solutions and services are designed to improve the wellbeing of communities to make them more secure and provide data driven decisions


KeyOptions is the Master Agent for the following regions: Asia-Pacific, LATAM, Africa and the Middle East and Turkey.

The Virolens® system is a COVID-19 screening device based on microscopic holographic imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) software technology. Head over to our Virolens website for more information.


HealthKeyID is Virolens Covid19 Rapid Test result management system. It helps people to share and use the results of Instant Covid19 tests performed by Virolens devices.


It's all about the data. Data-in-Motion is our solution set providing data integration so that clients can make data driven decisions. Our realtime analytics for IoT brings a new way of integration that provides simplified integration with the Machine Learning and dashboard results you need.


Assets-in-Motion is a new generation solution set for the monitoring and tracking of assets and decision making from data with Machine Learning and AI.


Security-in-Motion covers all aspects of security, including Cyber, Physical and Electronic. Cyber & Electronic security is complex and solutions are tailored for a clients specific needs, including TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) services.


With a combination of devices & data Industry-in-Motion is a new way of integrating Assets, People and IoT sensors to provide organisations with amazing data driven decisions.


People-in-Motion, is designed specifically for largeprecinctswhere we utilise the technology to determine, where people go, how long they stay, and which paths they took.