Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Our TSCM services have now significantly evolved to securing communications technology, thoroughly inspecting and fortifying information technology, and ensuring that there is a heightened protocol of physical security to prevent future espionage

Our TSCM technologies are vital in the process of securing an individual or place from the threat of surveillance.

Our Solutions

Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services are designed to provide government level counter eavesdropping protection to both our Government and Corporate Clients. 

We deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions which security and investigation teams can call on when required. KeyOptions has the scale and expertise to cope with the most complex global Client requirements and has unequaled international experience.

As cyber security takes centre stage for any organisation taking security seriously, some areas of defence are being neglected. When an organisations digital infrastructure evolves, so does the threat.  Although there are many services to combat cyber-attacks, there is a serious hole left in the grey area between cyber and physical security; this is where KeyOptions comes in.

Bridging the gap in Cyber Security

KeyOptions offers the missing piece of security for any organisation. Knowing what authorised devices are in your environment, what they are authorised to do, and more importantly, where are the unauthorised devices? Who has set up that unauthorised WiFi access point? What is that cellular device hidden in the corner of my data centre? Whose phone has just started transmitting during a secure meeting. What is that Bluetooth device in the boardroom? 

These questions may have not been asked before, but the threat may have always been there. These issues and more can be resolved with KeyOptions.

TSCM Sweeps

TSCM encompasses many aspects including technical counter surveillance sweeps otherwise known as bug sweeps or bug sweeping. 

Our TSCM services are very detailed and designed to detect, locate and mitigate the risk and threat from technical eavesdropping devices.

Trusted Experience

Our staff has extensive experience protecting the sensitive information your organisation should safeguard. We are intimately familiar with both the physical and electronic threats that exist in the world today and understand the many methods used to exploit common vulnerabilities. We have significant experience identifying physical and electronic threats within the corporate environment, for high-profile persons, and for those who may find themselves in the midst of legal issues that could bring about electronic or physical snooping.

If you feel your firm is at risk, or would like to be proactive and protect yourself before you find yourself at risk, contact us for a confidential discussion about your concerns or to arrange a TSCM inspection.​

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