Counter UAV / Drone Systems

KeyOptions has developed a powerful counter UAV package, SkyControl, a system that includes software and hardware, that searches for drones, their remote-controllers, classify and identifies them and even tracks their direction and location. SkyControl represents the data-driven development of cutting edge signal processing technologies, having continuous innovation in RF artificial-intelligence.

AI at Work

True AI fingerprinting of unknown drones

Direction & Location Finding

Detect the direction and location of drone

Detect Drone Swarms

Detect and alarm drone swarm attack

All-platform Access

Remote and Mobile access: smartphone, tablet, and computer

Complete Counter Drone Solution

SkyControl from KeyOptions has a number of flexible and configurable deployment options including:

  • Passive Radio Frequency Detection and Locationing 
  • 3D Drone Software with Passive Artificial Intelligence Camera System
  • A number of Active Radar Systems
  • Active Radio Frequency Jamming 
  • Active Radio Frequency Spoofing and Drone Control
  • Fixed and Mobile Installations Including Vehicle and Person Mounted

Long  Detection Range

Up to 35 Km Range

Extensive Library Coverage

More than 330+ models in the library

Identification  & Classification 

99.9% near zero false alarms

Complete Airspace Detection

360 degree detection capability

Zero Signal Emission 


Zero signal transmissions - entirely passive system

Simultaneous Detection  Load

More than 120 drones can be managed at once

Configurable Air Defense Camera System

SkyControl provides the highest performance tracking and classification capability available, specifically designed for dynamic air targets. SkyControl optical systems are highly configurable and can be used with built-in twin-AI modules or 3rd Party classifiers and trackers. 

  • 1 Easy Integration = ALL Cameras
  • Plug and Play Optical Modules For Easy Install, Upgrade and Testing
  • Cost Effective and Exportable (non-ITAR and Dual-Use)
  • MWIR Sensors with Large-FOV when Zoomed for Fast Searching
  • Up to 8km+ AI Tracking of Fast Moving Agile Air TargetsFast and Automated
  • Classification and slew-to-cue
  • AI Classification and False Alarm
  • Rejection Sensor and Effector Payload

Flexible Deployment Options

SkyControl from KeyOptions has a number of supplementary counter UAV services, including Drone control with 'spoofing' and forced landing services, jamming, all with fixed and mobile options with vehicle and person mounted deployments.

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