A powerful combination of location technology solutions utilizing GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth and UWB.


SATiS is a unique and flexible sensor technology, offering unparalleled durability and location accuracy.

Our analytics provide meaningful metrics on how assets are being deployed, moved, delivered or arrive in their destination. Alerts can be configured, including location, transport hub, zone and environmental notifications. Flexibility is key and to ensure a seamless deployment, SATiS can integrate with other systems as required. Full historic analytics and reporting is available.

Making the Invisible Visible

Cutting to the Chase:
The Future Is Now. Tracking technology has come a long way and is in a constant state of evolution, especially these days, when the World Wide Web offers a treasure trove of possibilities for its development. Now, you are no longer confined to the painfully slow telegram or telephone notifications. You have the power of real time monitoring and the possibility to protect your assets and cargo, as well as ensure everything stays on the right track. 

What is Asset Tracking or Tagging?

Asset tracking and tagging is the process of affixing specialist electronic tags to assets to identify each one individually and then be able to track data from them all in real time. Information such as the asset’s location, humidity, movement through to maintenance history can be gathered. These tags can be assigned to both fixed and moveable assets that are spread across multiple facilities and environments.

SATiS IP65 rated trackers and tags work in arduous environments and have a very long battery life. SATiS use SIM, GPS, RFID and Wi-Fi service for global tracking and locationing.

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