Case StudyHospitals are turning to new technologies that track equipment in real time throughout the hospital and beyond.
Wireless tracking tools like real time location systems such as SATiS not only help prevent loss and theft but also help inform asset management, maintenance and purchasing decisions.


Case StudyWith unique automated end-to end visibility,  SATiS  technology solutions can help you maximise uptime and better protect your employees and
visitors, tracking specific items such as spare parts, refinery equipment, site vehicles and plant or people movement – ‘staff and visitors’.


Case StudyThe history of shipment tracking has truly exploded. As the Internet evolved, novel ways became available for truly speedy package tracking. These included email
notifications, text message shipment tracking and now real time shipment tracking tools such as SATiS.


Case StudyThe mining industry is highly dependent on the state of its assets. As more and more resources are extracted from mines to meet rising demands, managing assets – including
equipment, technology and the workforce –SATiS has
become a key factor in increasing productivity.

 TGI Cargo

Case StudyKeyOptions have partnered with Australian freight forwarding and cargo specialist TGI
Cargo to provide its ‘SATiS’ asset
management and tracking solution.
SATiS now tracks, monitor and report the transiting and delivery of a number of important TGI Cargo shipments.