The Significant Increase of Drones to Smuggle Contraband Into Prisons

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master,” said the famous historian Christian Lous Lange; His quote encapsulates the rise of drone technology in contraband smuggling. 

Drones, equipped with cameras, GPS navigation systems, and cargo compartments, have become the tools of choice for those seeking to smuggle illicit items. This emerging trend has captured the attention of authorities worldwide, who are grappling with the implications of this disruptive technology on prison security.

Prison authorities are also fighting off an aerial invasion by drones being used to smuggle drugs and other contraband into prisons, especially older Victorian jails. The airdrops, containing packages of pharmaceutical-grade narcotics and street drugs such as heroin, have kept the jailhouse drug market alive. Prison authorities are caught ill-prepared to counter the high-tech threat and need a cost effective, easy to use and relaible counter UAS service; enter SkyControl.

How to Future-Proof Prisons: The Role of Anti-Drone Solutions like SkyControl

KeyOptions SkyControl counter UAS system can provide essential protection for prisons and correctional facilities against unauthorised drones and contraband delivery, finally a system to revolutionise the way we secure our correctional facilities:

  • Effective Detection - Our advanced radio frequency detection identifies any unauthorised drone in real time, preventing drones from entering restricted areas.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring - With continuous surveillance, SkyControl provides a 360-degree view of the aerial landscape, closing the window of opportunity for illicit activities.
  • Compliance Assurance - KeyOptions operates within legal frameworks, offering a lawful solution that reinforces prison security.
  • Adaptable Integration - Tailored to fit the unique requirements of each facility, SkyControl seamlessly complements existing security measures.
  • Intelligent Neutralisation (Regulatory authorisation required) - SkyControl with SkyGuard, can safely disables unauthorised drones without causing collateral damage, ensuring the contraband is stopped at the perimeter.

The risk of drones being used for contraband delivery has never been higher, but with KeyOptions SkyControl, correctional institutions can maintain safety, order, and control. Our state-of-the-art technology is a testament to our commitment to support law enforcement agencies in their mission to uphold justice and protect society.

Join us in setting a new standard for prison security. 

Reach out today to learn how KeyOptions SkyControl can be part of your security blueprint.