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Please note that Virolens may not be available in all countries due to local regulatory authority approvals.

Certifications are currently underway in most geographies and are being managed by our local distributor network.

Fully Developed Groundbreaking Technology - Virolens Has Arrived

The Virolens system employs a holographic microscope combined with artificial intelligence to determine whether the virus exists in the sample. Virolens does not use chemical or biological testing, but rather identifies the unique diffraction patterns created by light interacting with virus surface proteins to identify COVID-19.
Since the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 delta strain and widespread vaccination, the landscape of viral detection has changed immensely. Firstly, the delta strain has a rapid onset of infection, with peak viremia (and therefore infectivity) before symptoms appear. Secondly, vaccination prevents severe disease in most people, but does not preclude infections in vaccinated people. Indeed, these people can, even when free of symptoms, pass the virus on to others.

Virolens - Combining Holographic Microscopy with Artificial Intelligence

The original and ongoing use for Virolens is as a rapid mass-screening device. It is not intended for diagnosis of COVID-19 disease, nor is it appropriate for epidemiological work. As such, the ideal candidate for a Virolens test is an asymptomatic person entering a place of work, an airport, a hospital, an arena or other place where comingling of people is necessary.
The system does not require a trained biologist to determine the results. It takes around 20 seconds to get a yes/no result. An internal validation study by i-Abra found that the Virolens system has accuracy of 97.3% sensitivity and 99.7% for specificity. 

The Science

Identifying and screening COVID-19 patients quickly and effectively is key to getting the world moving again.  Virolens is a rapid screening system that can be used at almost any location - airports, sporting events, schools, theatres, retail and offices.

Virolens allows people to get on with their everyday lives safe in the knowledge they are in a COVID-free environment.

Technology matters

The Virolens system is a screening device that combines holographic microscopy with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease. Virolens is constructed to the highest standards, designed and manufactured in the UK.


The Virolens® system uses a  mouth swab, which is placed inside a cartridge and inserted into the system. The Virolens system is a portable floor-standing device.

Step 2

Inside the Virolens® system is a holographic microscope designed to look at nano-scale structures. Light is projected onto the slide creating identifiable diffraction patterns.

Step 3

The holographic image data is analysed using AI to identify the unique pattern of the virus from other cells very quickly.

Step 4

The Virolens® system is completely self-contained and can give a yes/no result in around 20 seconds with the whole process taking about 1 minute.


A new application of existing technologies

This is a brand-new screening device which combines microscopic holographic imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) software technology.

Quick and easy

The system does not require a trained biologist to determine the results. It takes around 20 seconds to get a yes/no result.


Virolens has a 97.3% sensitivity and 99.7% specificity.


The samples from the screening process are collected and sanitised prior to recycling.

Able to collect anonymised data

The system collects anonymised data which can be interrogated to understand the spread of SARS-Cov-2. (COVID-19) in screening areas.

Future proof software

The system can detect virus patterns as they evolve and change, meaning it will remain effective. Providing the emerging variants of the virus maintain the macro structure of the SARS-Cov-2 pathogen including the external protein signature, the Virolens system will continue to detect the virus. The AI technology deployed in the Virolens system can be trained to detect virus patterns as they evolve and change, including the detection of other diseases. iAbra maintains close monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 variants. 

Applicable to other diseases

Currently the system is only trained to look for and recognise COVID-19 but iAbra is working to extend it to other diseases by using the same AI technology.


Tests will be low cost compared to existing testing solutions.

About i-abra

Founded in 2010, iAbra's focus is deriving utility from the ever-growing amounts of sensor data in the world.

Artificial Intelligence is moving from the cloud to embedded applications.This is enabling a wide range of use cases including automotive, defence, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.

Machine Learning ecosystems have been built mostly on GPUs for the cloud, where neural networks are generally very large and inefficient. These cloud-based neural networks and power-hungry GPUs make the AI use cases requiring embedded inference more difficult or impossible to engineer. The FPGA's efficiency and low power consumption are better able to deliver embedded applications.

iAbra's tools ensure that efficient neural networks are created and optimised for embedded FPGA silicon, delivering low power AI inference for a variety of applications.

KeyOptions & Virolens

KeyOptions is the iAbra appointed Master agent for Virolens In Asia Pacific, Latin America Turkey & Eurasia and parts of Africa. Whilst KeyOptions is bringing the Virolens solution to market, our core focus is to provide some of our more traditional services around the Virolens solution. Over the coming months we will be announcing:

  • Consulting services
  • Systems integration into existing environments
  • HealthKeyID to manage Virolens and other testing
  • Our Assets-in-Motion solution to better manage Virolens machines, accessories, and other data analytics.
  • Customised App development for clients specific needs
  • Managed services
  • We see a whole new eco-system being built around the Virolens system on the successful introduction of the system

Please contact us at if you would like any further information on using Virolens in your environment.

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