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Blacklight TsCM & Tactical systems


Mobile devices aren’t like the other systems on your network, so shouldn’t be treated like they are. Smartphones, tablets, wearable computers, laptops and other mobile devices are great tools, but they’re not the same as desktops and servers. They connect to networks beyond your perimeter security. They run unknown applications, they move through your facilities with ease. Frequently you have no idea who is using them or for what purpose. That’s why KeyOptions’ Mobile Device Security Platforms provides full-scope detection, locationing and monitoring of mobile devices so you can confidently manage and mitigate the risks presented by rogue applications and careless or potentially malicious users. In selected environments with specialised equipment we can “capture” a device and monitor and control its activity.


Enter a new generation of mobile security tools, the KeyOptions provides a location-based mobile security platform. Rather than replacing existing systems, these platforms fill in the gaps by adding a mobile detection and precision locationing layer to mobile management, policy enforcement and network security. Mobile locationing security platforms have two components: hardware, in the form of a sensor network, and software that does the heavy lifting of identifying devices, mapping their location, and communicating with other security systems based on where and who those devices are assigned.

Police & Criminal Justice

Working with Law Enforcement agencies and government police forces, we provide technology to assist with a whole host of policing scenarios from the detection of missing persons through to the monitoring of a dwelling or property where the activities of those occupants require discrete and passive monitoring. With the ability to ‘rewind’ to any time within the deployed area, investigators are able to forensically examine an extensive audit trail of data. We also provide the technology for new generation TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) for phone identification and interception, taking Law Enforcement capabilities to a new level. Please contact us for a confidential discussion.


KeyOptions works with a number of military agencies worldwide, solving challenging and unique challenges in high risk, high threat areas. Please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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