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Your Virolens digital record management system

HealthKeyID™ digitises the Virolens test process into an easy to use secure trusted mobile application.

HealthKeyID™ is specifically developed to work alongside Virolens™ testing system.

The test result creates a unique QR code stored safely within the application.
HealthKeyID™ is fully compliant with GDPR data and privacy law regulations; Its fully encrypted with only the data owner having the key to access his or her information.

HealthKeyID™ brings all your Virolens status information to your mobile device, saving significant time, all whilst protecting your personal data

HealthKeyID™ FAQ

1. How does HealthKeyID™ work?

HealthKeyIDworks on a secure mobile platform (both IOS and Android) supported by a highly secured infrastructure that is hosted in each country or region to support local privacy laws and data sovereignty:

  1. User downloads and registers to the HealthKeyID™ app.
  2. User takes photos of her/his valid ID. Encrypted, and uploaded to system.
  3. User visits a Virolens Test Center and performs a test. 
  4. The person taking the test's ID is verified by the operator. The encrypted test result is attached to the approved ID in the system.
  5. User now can share the test with organisations in a secure way.

2. Why is HealthKeyIDunique?

There are several key features:

  1. System is powered by GovernID™ which is a regulation technologies (RegTech) company and has personal data privacy as its single and only focus.
  2. Legal and Technology teams with years of field experience who designed and support the system.
  3. HealthKeyID can keep the data physically in a selected country or compliance region and serve it from that location if required by the country where test subject is resident.
  4. HealthKeyID servers can be provisioned quickly as required, all around the world.

3. How does HealthKeyID™ comply with GDPR and other country regulatory requirement?

HealthKeyID™ keeps the data in a country or compliance region depending on the residency country of the test owner and personal data regulation that country. An example of the privacy compliance support is as follows:

  • GDPR (EU)
  • CCPA (USA)
  • KVKK (Turkey)
  • PIPEDA (Canada)
  • LGPD (Brazil)
  • PDP (Argentina)
  • POPI (South Africa)
  • Data Privacy Act 1988 (Australia).. etc.

4. How can HealthKeyIDintegrate with existing systems?

HealthKeyIDis designed to collaborate with existing and future systems, through different means, including a suite of soon to be published API’s.

5. How secure is HealthKeyID

All inbound and outbound communication is encrypted including the test result on the system. Each test result has only one key to decrypt, which is kept in user’s mobile app. The user is the only person that can decrypt the data.

6. Can my data be hacked?

Considering structure of data privacy in HealthKeyID™, each test data is encrypted with separate key. No one, including HealthKeyID™ people can access a users data without the consent of the data subject.

7. What is the value of HealthKeyID™?

HealthKeyID™ provides a compliant and easy way to share test results where required in daily life. Not only providing an individual’s HealthKeyID, the system helps organisations, government to be able to function in pandemic and beyond.

8. If I register to a HealthKeyID™ in one region, how can I use it in another region?

There is no region or information sharing limitation, as long as the user has consent. Registered users can use HealthKeyID™in any region or country.

9. What happens if I forget my password?

Each user keeps their own encryption key within the mobile app on their phone. If the phone is lost or pin is forgotten you need to perform registration from scratch. All your previous data will be inaccessible. HealthKeyID™has been designed this way to give the ultimate security and privacy of your data.

10. Does HealthKeyID™ support 2 factor authentication?

There is an internal OTP (One Time Password) function that enables challenge-response before sharing the test results. No external multi-factor authentication is required.

Just like a real passport, you don’t need any authentication, you need to physically own it.

11. What documents can be added to HealthKeyID™?

The system accepts any ID card with a photo (ID, Passport etc) It’s a one-stop-shop for your critical data for work or travel, and access were Virolens  testing results are required.

12. How do I share my data with another organisation?

Data sharing with any organisation can be initiated with dynamic QR codes from the mobile app. Any shared data is listed and can be monitored by the user through the app.

13. Can an organisation request my data from me?

Yes! An organisation may request data from a registered user. After user approval (consent) the test results will be shared with the requesting organisation.

14. Can I create profiles to share different data to different organisations? i.e. airlines v. Hotels. v restaurants?

This feature is currently in development on our roadmap.

15. How easy is HealthKeyID™ to deploy?

For personal use registration process takes a couple of minutes.

For organisational purposes the company registration process takes a little longer.

In terms of country/compliance region deployments, it takes a few weeks before we can begin on boarding users due to infrastructure setup and testing.

16. What are the infrastructure requirements to deploy HealthKeyID™?

HealthKeyID™ is a SAAS service provided all around the world, can work with any cloud operator.

17. What features are on the immediate and long-term roadmap?

There are currently a number of discussions in relation to HealthKeyID™ features. These are all being evaluated.

Some possible features are:

  • E-Passport and RF ID document integration instead of Passport/ID photo.
  • Country specific government health registration systems integration with local partnerships.
We want HealthKeyID to be the standard that enables integration with all systems allowing it to be the bridge between many different existing solutions.

18. Can I use HealthKeyID™ in any country?


Any user in any country may use HealthKeyID™ to share (with their consent Virolens test results, or any other data that is stored on the users HealthKeyIDsystem.

19. Can I move/copy my HealthKeyID™ test results to another mobile phone?


You will need to perform a fresh registration.

There is only one copy of encryption key to decrypt user’s data, and its stored on the users mobile phone.

It needs to be kept safe. In future releases this may change, but a new registration only takes a few minutes.

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