Our Track Record

KeyOptions has delivered technology solutions to government, commercial, military and healthcare for over 30 years.


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How we can support you

Companies with ambitions to succeed in the provision of IoT need to identify the roles that they can play in the IoT value chain and the types of partnerships that they should forge to deliver solutions. Our suite of support services help from the delivery and installation stage, through to the ongoing maintenance, re-supply and analytics.

SATiS Sensors

SATiS Sensors are connected to the many types of device, for example in logistics, transport, healthcare or utilities. Our comprehensive range of SATiS sensors are able to capture all types of data, including data from the environment (for example, location, humidity or temperature), usage - for example a medical test device that has a testing function. We provide installation, support and analytics to IoT sensor deployment globally.

Communication Hardware

We support your communication hardware. We enable devices to connect to the network to send data from your sensors to the backend systems. This can include hardware for connecting wirelessly via BlueTooth, Wi-Fi or cellular (for example GSM, 5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M) or a number of proprietary technologies, or over a fixed network. We even support devices that have hardware to connect to multiple types of network.

Connectivity Network

The connectivity network, which can be cellular, fixed or satellite, delivers the data from the sensors over the internet or a private network connection to the user’s backend systems.

In addition, many different software components, which can be loosely grouped as applications, deliver additional value to the end user.

Backend systems

Our back-end system support include servers to collect and analyse the data coming from our sensors and from other sources (for example, location, environment, machine usage data). We can host the back-end systems our our specialist servers or your own private cloud, or on on-premises hardware. For our very simple solutions, the back-end can be a standard PC.

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