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As we continue to extend our reach across the Globe, we are about to announce an exciting update f...

As we continue to extend our reach across the Globe, we are about to announce an exciting update for all KeyOptions distributors - the creation of Virolens / HealthKeyID demonstration test centers to specifically showcase the benefits of the integrat...

Virolens short videos

Whilst Virolens is truly groundbreaking (no Covid-19 testing device comes close in accuracy and speed) the operation and maintenance is quite straight forward. However, we recognize that providing appropriate support information is imperative to e...

KeyOptions announces its release of ‘HealthKeyID’

KeyOptions announces its release of ‘HealthKeyID’ - a unique mobile application to safely record, store and present ‘Virolens™’ test results.

HealthKeyID finally on Google Play

After many months of rework, HealthKeyID is now on Google Play. This is very exciting as we now cover both iOS and Android. HealthKeyID still appears on the Samsung and Amazon App stores as well. Google Play:

HealthKeyID IS now available on the Samsung Galaxy Store

We are excites to announce that as well as the iOS version, we now have HealthKeyID available for Android on the Samsung Galaxy Store

Hartlepool college helping electronics firm recruit for 100 new jobs for ultra-fast Covid-19 test

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  As Covid-19 shows no sign of decline, KeyOptions continues to focus its efforts in working with...

  As Covid-19 shows no sign of decline, KeyOptions continues to focus its efforts in working within some of the hardest hit regions in the World. We recognize that having distributors in these areas is key to help control the virus. We have partner...
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Locationing Analytics & Monitoring

  Our ‘LocoTrack’ technologies were originally created to track shipping containers around the world. A simple and repeatable user experience, accurate positioning and a long battery life were the key issues faced in some very difficult environments fo...
PIM Data.png

People-in-Motion Data

  Did you know that KeyOptions can help you optimise your event, place of work, retail area, sports stadium or even healthcare facility? At KeyOptions we understand that whilst data is interesting, having the ability to report behaviour in a meaningf...
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  At KeyOptions we understand the power of data - but being data rich doesn't necessarily translate to knowing more. We understand that Data becomes most powerful when it is translated into actionable insight. In other words, not just what we saw, bu...
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  HealthKeyID is the only solution to combine Virolens Covid-19 testing & 3rd party testing results in one mobile application. The app. provides an easy way to share test results for travel business & government use. HealthKeyID will help faci...
Virolens Machine - No Virus Detected-Small (1).png

Background to Virolens

  The Virolens system employs a holographic microscope combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to determine whether the SARS- CoV- 2 virus is present in a sample. Virolens does not use chemical or biological testing, but rather identifies the ...
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