Yesterday, 16th November 2022, KeyOptions attended the Global Impact Summit at the QEII Centre in Lo...

Yesterday, 16th November 2022, KeyOptions attended the Global Impact Summit at the QEII Centre in London; an event where Climate, Education and Health took the prominent position for discussion and debate. Jevan Halley, Director was delighted to represent KeyOptions at the Summit:

'Within healthcare in particular, I have witnessed how innovation and technology is accelerating and fundamentally reshaping health and wellness, creating more resilient, efficient, and equitable healthcare systems. During the Summit, I could see the similarities with how Virolens is leading the way for fast and innovative Covid testing and how BioPharma research innovation is being led by AI driven drug discovery, synthetic biology and lab automation - in my mind, its all about enhanced clinical development through data aggregation, data science and decentralised trial technology.'

Within the Health sector in particular the Summit reviewed new approaches to wellness, preventative and per-symptomatic technology and innovation in screening, imaging and diagnosis and ecosystem connectivity. KeyOptions was particularly interested to understand how data and IoT devices are transforming healthcare, from using 'wearables' through to next generation diagnostics technology and incentives for early disease detection.

KeyOptions would like to thank Global Victoria and in particular Arabella Rothwell for extending an invitation for us to attend and for the opportunity to share the Summit's outcomes with our Partner network.

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