Now the dust has settled and KeyOptions returns from its second Big Data World event, our team, Trac...

Now the dust has settled and KeyOptions returns from its second Big Data World event, our team, Tracey Monahan and Jevan Halley who represented us at the event, reflect on some key takeaways.

‘Businesses  may feel that they are doing well, and more often than not, it’s the  most senior person in the room that confidentially says that , however  that may not be the truth of it,’ Tracey said.

In today’s rich  world of data, the insight it can provide plays an incredibly important  role in bringing into the organisation from ‘outside’ an accurate  picture of how the business is performing, being perceived or what  direction it is heading. This is the most reliable way the you should  navigate the business by.’

‘It may be painful to hear for the  first time, but if you are prepared to adopt to what the data insight is  saying, and if you are prepared to change your business on the basis of  that, then you’ll always be in business and able to measure all your  activities to ensure continued success.’

Jevan Halley had some very interesting conversations around how a business can monitor its performance through the use data.

‘What  I found particularly encouraging is to see how businesses are working  with data to take a leadership role within their organisation, as data  can often lead to conclusions which run counter to conventional thinking  as Tracey has already mentioned’. Jevan said.

‘Having a data  driven insight into your business is not enough – you actually have to  do something about what you now know in order to effect change’ he said.  ‘You have to change the organisation. And it does need different  decision-making structures actually to respond to data. It’s got to be  actionable or it’s of no value at all, and that takes leadership.’

Despite  the heavy investment in technology KeyOptions makes, its not about the  clever boxes but about the data output they provide. Both Tracey and  Jevan are sure technology is just a tool, what matters in the end is the  relationship between you and your client, and your ability to  understand how their businesses are changing through the power of data.
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