Improve your Planned Preventative Maintenance schemes with SATiS Why SATiS...

Improve your Planned Preventative Maintenance schemes with SATiS


Why SATiS?              

For 'conditions' monitoring, facilities managers and maintenance  professionals can rely on SATiS tags to identify multiple measurement  points, location, availability, environmental conditions, light levels  and provide time and date stamp measurement activities.  

    SATiS can even provide asset tags to help with inventory control of  spare parts, aiding facilities managers in ensuring that all building  systems and equipment assets are functioning optimally, minimising  downtime and disruptions.    

    Data collection using SATiS is faster, less expensive and more  accurate than manual data collection, meaning you can identify, locate  and see maintenance records of all your assets remotely and in real  time.  

Maximise Maintenance Management Efficiency                  

    Maintenance management is a necessary function across many  industries, from the utility sector, to manufacturing and beyond, and in  companies and organisations of all types and sizes, from public  entities like educational institutions and hospitals to small, private  businesses.    

Maximise Benefits              

    While the specifics of maintenance management differ across  industries and individual companies, all Facilities Managers must  develop systems and processes for tracking assets and equipment and  ensuring that equipment and essential business services systems, like  lighting and electrical systems, are functioning optimally.  

    SATiS asset tags are used for identifying assets, monitoring  equipment, and tracking maintenance activities, providing a foundation  for efficient facilities management systems, doing all this is real time  and with ease of use.  

Maximise Time              

    Save Time and Improve Accuracy by Eliminating Manual Data Entry. -  Manual documentation of maintenance activities is an error-prone  process, and problems like inconsistent naming conventions, incomplete  asset tracking, and a lack of a centralized system for up-to-date  maintenance data make it highly inefficient as your business grows.  

    SATiS management asset tags integrate easily with leading asset  management and facilities management software systems to create a  centralized asset management database with up-to-date information about  every asset. Your maintenance workers and other team members can easily  and accurately identify and locate unique assets and initiate work  orders using the SATiS reporting and monitoring platform.  

Reduce Costs              

    Implementing SATiS asset tracking system makes it possible to easily  determine the life expectancy of any equipment asset, the cost of  repairs to date, and replacement costs.  

SATiS solutions makes it easier for facilities managers to make  data-driven decisions regarding repairs and replacements and reduce  facilities management costs. SATiS asset tag solutions for facilities  management pay for themselves over time by reducing maintenance costs,  increasing productivity, and reducing rework.                

    SATiS Maintenance scheduler shows that devices headline records –  you can associate any detail, action or certificate to that device’s  maintenance record, for example routine testing, re-calibration,  cleaning or the routine replacement of parts.

    SATiS is a proven unique technology, reliable trustworthy and  innovative. We have unique and flexible sensor technology, offering  unparalleled location accuracy.

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