Mining Environments Impose High Reliability and Performance Demands for Precise Tracking ...

                   Mining Environments Impose High Reliability and Performance Demands for Precise Tracking
   WHAT IS AN INDUSTRIAL RTLS?                

    The industrial environment imposes high reliability and performance  demands for precise indoor tracking, delivered by a real-time location  systems (RTLS), that needs to meet high quality standards and provide an  industry-specific feature set.  

    The range of indoor tracking technologies is wide, yet only  Ultra-Wideband (UWB) can provide the accuracy, scalability and  reliability needed in process-planned production in which the cost of  every minute counts. Unlike other tracking technologies, only UWB  provides an accuracy of 30 cm with unrivaled reliability, even in harsh  metallic environments.  



    We use GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth and UWB location technologies  to ensure the availability and desired accuracy of asset location  monitoring.  


    We supply indoor/outdoor tracking and sensing solutions to the  manufacturing and utility sectors through partnerships with sector  leaders, to enhance overall productivity.  

    Our SATiS Tags were first created in collaboration with the  aerospace sector, to be powered by harvesting minute amounts of energy  from the vibration of an aircraft’s wings in flight. The ultra-low  energy solution now powers our SATiS Tags and is the source of their  small size and long battery life.  

    The long battery life fits with our customer’s asset procurement  cycles, so the tags can be fitted and remain functioning throughout.  There is no need for any maintenance during the asset’s useful lifetime.  


    Our locationing technologies were originally created to track  shipping containers around the world. A simple and repeatable user  experience, accurate positioning and a long battery life were the key  issues faced in some very difficult environments for communication and  GPS. Once these technologies were proven in the logistics and freight  tracking industry, it was natural that upon further development, there  were many commercial applications for SATiS technologies, with the  Mining Sector an ideal candidate.  


    A virtual zone is used to define the process stage using the tracked object’s location.    



    An unlimited number of custom-shaped virtual zones are drawn and  defined using SATiS and can be updated instantly as the setting of the  facility changes in the “zoning” or “geofencing” process. In a mine  scenario, there are many virtual zones, frequently close to each other.  Consequently, high accuracy, reliability are needed to ensure that  zoning data can be used. for example, for production monitoring and  planning or to simply trigger a necessary action based on the tracked  item’s current location.  


    The industrial environmental conditions vary among facilities – from  surgical cleanliness to the dustiest environments. However, in all of  them, any radio-based tracking technology faces one enemy – a filled and  dynamic space with metallic objects. The higher the presence of  metallic objects, the higher the deflection of signals and the lower  their quality.  


    Unlike other tracking and positioning technologies, SATiS RTLS  operates on dedicated, unoccupied and interference-free UWB technology  that is fully industry certified to guarantee reliable and scalable  performance in even the harshest environments.  

DATA GATHERING                

    Data gathering tools determine the type, quality, volume, resilience  and reliability of data available to your application. Our tools have  been designed to allow more high-quality data to be gathered more  economically than ever before. To achieve this, each component in our  system has been designed with the others in mind. By controlling the  hardware, firmware, architecture, server software, communications,  security & manufacturing process, we ensure end to end performance  without compromise.  


    SATiS-Aware is our device management tool. It provides complete  remote control of all devices in a portfolio. Its intuitive tools make  it easy to know what’s happening and act accordingly. Complete  visibility and control of all devices across all sites. Devices can be  viewed in any location –outdoors and indoors. Sites can be set up to  indicate internal position: in terms of coordinates, address and also  building, floor and room. Devices can be viewed together or on a per  site basis.  

FULL FM REPORTING                

    While the specifics of maintenance management differ across  industries and individual companies, all Facilities Managers must  develop systems and processes for tracking assets and equipment and  ensuring that equipment and essential business services systems, like  lighting and electrical systems, are functioning optimally.  


    SATiS Asset tags are used for identifying assets, monitoring  equipment, and tracking maintenance activities, providing a foundation  for efficient facilities management systems, doing all this is real time  and with ease of use.  

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