What is Asset Tracking? Asset tracking and tagging is the process of affixing sp...

What is Asset Tracking?                

    Asset tracking and tagging is the process of affixing specialist  electronic tags to assets to identify each one individually and then be  able to track data from them all in real time. Information such as the  asset’s location, humidity, movement through to maintenance history can  be gathered. These tags can be assigned to both fixed and moveable  assets that are spread across multiple sites, warehouses and shipping  consignments.  

    The need for passing packages back and forth has been around for a  very long time. Packages were ways through which cultures established  communication, collaborating on advancing each other through trade.  However, back when there was no phone or Internet, once cargo left the  area, it was quite challenging to make sure that it made it to the  destination.  

Breakthrough in Tracking                                            

    With the invention of the Internet, the history of shipment tracking  has truly exploded. Online, people finally have the possibility to  exchange information instantly. As the Internet evolved, novel ways  became available for truly speedy package tracking. These included email notifications, text message shipment tracking and now real time shipment tracking tools such as SATiS.  

Ultimate Shipment Monitoring                

    Shipment tracking solutions that provides real time updates is vital  in today's deadline driven world. Solid shipment tracking technology  will tremendously boost your business, thus enhancing customer  satisfaction and increasing sales. The demand has created a surplus of  options. How is SATiS one of the best available solutions?  

Solution – SATiS                                


    SATiS is a unique and flexible sensor technology, offering  unparalleled durability and location accuracy. SATiS IP65 rated trackers  and tags work in arduous environments and have a very long battery  life. SATiS use SIM, GPS, RFID and Wi-Fi service for global tracking and  locationing. Shipments can be managed by our operations centre, in  conjunction with the client, and are monitored 24/7.  

SATiS Reporting                                

    Our analytics provide meaningful metrics on how assets are being  deployed, moved, delivered or arrive in their destination. Alerts can be  configured, including location, transport hub, zone and environmental  notifications. Flexibility is key and to ensure a seamless deployment,  SATiS can integrate with other systems as required. Full historic  analytics and reporting is available.  

Cutting to the Chase: The Future Is Now.                

    Tracking technology has come a long way and is in a constant state  of evolution, especially these days, when the World Wide Web offers a  treasure trove of possibilities for its development. Now, you are no  longer confined to the painfully slow telegram or telephone  notifications. You have the power of real time monitoring and  the possibility to protect your cargo, as well as ensure everything  stays on the right track. SATiS is the future.    

    Visit us today at KeyOptions to discover how we can help you protect, monitor and locate your most important assets.  

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