Transforming the Future of Digital Health and Wellness - Spotlighting the UK In the last two y...

Transforming the Future of Digital Health and Wellness - Spotlighting the UK

    In the last two years, Australia’s digital health sector has  experienced geographical isolation, a continuous cycle of crisis  management and rolling state and federal government policies that have  disrupted existing processes and brought uncertainty.  

    This year, with the reopening of international borders and in-person  events on our horizon, there is a renewed focus on consolidation of  digital health.    

KeyOptions and Virolens                

    KeyOptions has had a very beneficial partnership with the Australian  British Chamber over many years, and in particular enjoys the benefit  of the extensive contacts and expertise that the Chamber holds.  On  Thursday 31 March, at the International Chamber House, Melbourne, Tracey  Monahan, Director Connected & Sustainable Communities for  KeyOptions discussed the latest breakthrough in Covid19 detection -  Virolens, a unique testing approach that delivers a positive or negative  Covid19 result in around 20 seconds.   Tracey Monahan


    Tracey is seen here with David McCredie OBE - CEO of The Australian  British Chamber of Commerce and Tim Dillon, Agent-General to the United  Kingdom Commissioner to Europe and Israel. 'The conference panel of  expertise in the Health sector was of particular interest to KeyOptions,  especially the discussions around emerging technologies and how Covid19  accentuates and has actually accelerated technology to assist health  professionals and ultimately patient care' commented Tracey Monahan.    

    The panel, led by Global Scot and Executive VP at 360biolabs, Dr  Alistair Draffan, and explored how enterprises in the UK are harnessing  expertise and using technology to deliver a vision of inclusive,  tech-enabled, and patient centred care.  

    The conference was delivered in partnership with Scottish  Development International and the British Consulate General Melbourne,  spotlighting Scottish and broader UK thought leadership in digital  health, innovations in patient centred care, addressing some of the  challenges of workforce capacity.  

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