KeyOptions announces Pete Smith is joining the International Virolens Consortium to support the adva...

KeyOptions announces Pete Smith is joining the International Virolens Consortium to support the advancement of the Virolens technology.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA – September 07, 2021:

KeyOptions, an Australian technology company, today announced the appointment of Pete Smith to the International Virolens Research Consortium (IVRC), effective September 13, 2021. Pete Smith will serve as an IVRC member and will also assist in the formation of the Consortium in this critical stage of its formation.

Based out of Melbourne Australia, Pete has a strong background in bringing disruptive technologies and concepts to market. Pete currently works in an executive business development capacity for the multinational technology firm IDEMIA; Headquartered in France and the global leader in augmented identity, IDEMIA’s solutions ensure privacy and trust, and guarantee secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions across multiple market sectors including public security and identity, financial institutions, telecommunications and IoT.

In the last three months particularly, Pete has been very closely aligned to the Virolens technology, being heavily involved in preparing the dossier for regulatory approval ‘It is incredibly exciting to be part of the growth, compliance and use for the Virolens technology, I like to challenge the status quo; we can’t continue to do things because that’s the way they’ve always been done.’  Smith explained ‘Virolens is a great example of a disruptive technology, doing things better and differently to how they have even been done before. This is a game changer for the public health response to COVID-19. It is a great fit for me to join the IVRC and I’m excited to play a part in its and Virolens’ future’.


The IVRC will foster collaborative research among the Virolens’ community generally and assist in the development of optimized COVID testing methods and screening.

The IVRC is made up on a group of professionals who see the potential for Virolens technology worldwide. It will work collaboratively to plan and carry out clinical trials and research and will submit articles to peer-reviewed journals.

‘I am delighted that a consummate professional like Pete Smith will be joining us at such a pivotal and important time for the Consortium’ said Dr. Kerry Mills, Chairperson for the IVRC. ‘Having worked very closely with Pete on a number of critical Virolens projects, I am really looking forward to his significant contribution to the IVRC and the wider Virolens committee as a whole’.

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