Are tourist testing requirements for COVID-19 driven by need or by current testing capabilities? ...

Are tourist testing requirements for COVID-19 driven by need or by current testing capabilities?

As  countries have begun to open up, they are required to have a number of  screening requirements to help manage and control the spread of  COVID-19. In a number of cases, these requirements are formed around  what testing technology is currently available.

Entry into (some  countries) of the UAE is a good example, one of many, as they have  worked hard to align their needs for entry, with currently available  screening technologies.

UAE tourists are required to have both a  PCR test and a rapid PCR test. The main purpose of the rapid PCR test is  to make sure that there are no infectious passengers entering an  aircraft. Together with the rapid test, visitors are also required to  have the 'usual' PCR test.

What if the UAE and very many other  countries, were able to combine their actual testing or screening needs  with technology that could deliver to that specification?

This  is a good example of the perfect fit that Virolens rapid screening can  provide; a test result in around 20 seconds, specificity of 99.7%,  sensitivity of 97.3%, easy to administer test without the need to have  medical staff to undertake the test and a small operational footprint of  the test devices. Virolens could be the ideal solution.

We are  working hard to introduce the Virolens technology in every part of the  globe. We have to ensure that regional regulators have approved the  device, one country is a challenge, compliance worldwide even more so.  But the news is very positive with multiple applications well underway.

Whether  for transport, business, sporting events or healthcare needs, visit us  today to find out more about Virolens and how KeyOptions can help you  better align your screening requirements with our cutting edge  technology solutions.
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