Imagine having a complete understanding on how your venue or facility is being trafficked by its&#...

Imagine having a  complete understanding on how your venue or facility is being trafficked  by its' visitors and staff. Where did your visitors go? How long did  they stay? What areas did they dwell at for longest? Wouldn't that be  valuable to you?

Likewise, what if you knew where all your assets  were located, how long they had been there, where have they been  deployed to and for how long? Wouldn't that be amazing?

Well, now you can with our 'in-motion' series from KeyOptions.
We  refer to this as 'asset optimization' and it helps businesses and  organizations get the very best from its available resource of staff and  assets.

In this simple example, we show a deployment in a  healthcare facility. All critical equipment is 'tagged' and using our  unique detection capabilities, we can report precise location,  temperature, operating time, location and so on.

For example,  management can get a view on which critical care devices are being  deployed the most, which ones are not, where they are and how quickly  they are deployed to a particular area.

The same can be applied  to help staff and visitors. Not only does this give ultimate protection  for staff in case of say an emergency or when and area reaches capacity,  but also to understand where your visitors go, how long they wait (lets  say for an x-ray) and perhaps more importantly, any areas they should  not have been.
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