Locationing Analytics & Monitoring

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Our ‘LocoTrack’ technologies were originally created to track shipping containers around the world. A simple and repeatable user experience, accurate positioning and a long battery life were the key issues faced in some very difficult environments for communication and GPS.

• One click setup to eradicate need for complex instructions

• Great location performance when GPS isn’t available

• Battery conserving techniques to ensure maximum longevity

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We use GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth and UWB location technologies to ensure the availability and desired accuracy of asset location monitoring.

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When staff are issued ‘ID Tags’, real-time visibility of personnel is possible. This can reassure management all is well even in a crisis situation and even trigger alerts when there is a deviation from best practice (e.g. occupancy levels reach capacity, unauthorised staff enter restricted areas etc).

With UWB the accuracy of the location is significantly improved to within 1m. Rather than looking at room/zone level occupancy levels, we can now also consider distances between individuals. Importantly, the same infrastructure supports both BLE and UWB.
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We supply indoor tracking and sensing solutions to the manufacturing and utility sectors through partnerships with sector leaders, to enhance overall productivity. Our LocoTags were first created in collaboration with the aerospace sector, to be powered by harvesting minute amounts of energy from the vibration of an aircraft’s wings in flight. The ultra-low energy solution now powers our LocoTags and is the source of their small size and long battery life.

The long battery life fits with our customer’s asset procurement cycles, so the tags can be fitted and remain functioning throughout. There is no need for any maintenance during the asset’s useful lifetime.

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